M A D E  O F  S T A R S
music for the heavens within.

a constellation of notes for when the singularities gape open, drawing your soul into abysses deep and dark. music to drive the dimensional exploration of the starlight of your own heavens shivering amongst the atoms of your being, to spark the bright stars of your joy alight, weaving careful arias amongst the magnificent laughter adorning the gates of a heaven that you’d forgotten had always been within you. for when you have been too long trapped in boundaries, orbiting endlessly around planetary dimensions when you only needed to prostrate in worship at the glory of your self.



Sleeping Ariadne by Paolo Andrea Triscornia (1757—1833). 


Sleeping Ariadne by Paolo Andrea Triscornia (1757—1833). 


Ariadna for palette meme (#8)


Ariadna for palette meme (#8)


Sculptures of ocean waves and watery landscapes by layering multiple sheets of hand-cut glass by Ben Young

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Stormy Waves: Photography by Dalton Portella

Are you there, sweetheart? Do you know me? Is this microphone live?

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  F irst time in the city, yes. It’s exciting!

"It’s breathtaking, isn’t it? Wait until you get to the Metro."






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title: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
artist: Nancy Sinatra
album: How Does That Grab You?
played: 306 times

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Okay, not so close then. Dionysus was surprised to find himself wanting to make her comfortable. “Ariadne…” The word flowed like honey over his tongue, better than the sweetest wine. “It’s a beautiful name. Fitting for one like yourself.”

At her story, he feels a small spark in him. He recognized he names, though he did not know them personally. “I’m sorry for your losses,” he says quietly. “If you’d like, I could house you. I’d rather not see you out here by yourself, especially after what’s happened.”

Ariadne raised her head in a stubborn
show of pride, and a rather pointless
one all the same. After all, she had no
options, no chance to go anywhere but
to die on this shoreline, abandoned and
entirely alone. But her will was strong, if
her stomach was weak with hunger.

This would be on her terms.

"I do not know your name, sir. And you
 will forgive me for being very cautious
 with strange men promising to give me
 shelter after my adventures.”

The promises of men were so frail.


Such a childlike demeanor; even

he found himself rather annoyed
at his actions and how easily he
was to crone for her attention.
You’d think he’d learn after years
of developing this persona
of “Benny” that everyone knew
and despised. Though, he believed
Benedict would suffice.


"I know mean people, doll, and
you’re far from it.” He said with
a small grin, gripping her hand
with care. "Can’t help but admire
a beauty in front of me and be
a bit selfish, y’know?”

Ariadne leaned in to press a gentle
kiss to his lips, then tugged him away
from the table, towards the elevators
so that she could get him to bed.

His bed, not hers. They weren’t quite
there just yet, but she still tried to get
Benny to get rest here and there. He
really needed it, after all.

"Admire all you want, Benny. I never
 said that I mind.”

Helter Skelter - Adriane and Doctor Facilier



All was silent, all is calm. In the city that never slept there seemed to be complete and utter slumber. Cars laid out as if people should be in them, driving them from point A to point B. Not a song in the air, but a saxophone and a guitar were on the ground. Food was laid out, the lights were on, but nobody was home.

Something was off.

Facilier removed a cigar from his vest and lit it, noting the only sound he could hear was his own heart and the lady next to him, the architect of the heist.

"Hey, toots," he said, clamping the lit tobacco in his mouth. "You see any people on your side? Hector’s subconscious seems to be a no show."

His tone spoke confidence, but inside his chest he was already shaking.

She was proud of herself for not screaming.

"Who are you?" Ariadne knew he wasn’t with her team, and projections never addressed you with that kind of cognizance. If Hector’s subconscious was aware of their intrusion, they would just be shooting, not talking.

So who was this man, so calm and confident?

Her fingers gently flexed at her sides, looking around for the other members of the team. They were likely elsewhere in the design, but that sure as hell didn’t help her now.

But I am going to kill him because it is right and I have to.
But I am going to kill him because it is right and I have to.



" —————— on the contrary.
  they say poetry is food for the soul.
            & it’s meant to be  s h a r e d . “

"The only poetry I could ever
 manage was translations. Ovid,
 Catullus, Homer, Virgil…
 … my father was big on the classics.”